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A majority of the CDs reviewed here are available from Amazon and we have included links to them in the pictures embeded within the review sites.  If you click through our site to Amazon, SOAR will receive a portion of the sale as an Amazon Associate. However, a significant number are not readily available through Amazon, or you may prefer to support companies that specialize only in music.  For that reason, I'm listing here some internet vendors of progressive rock albums. Please note that three of these have CD/record labels of their own: Syn-Phonic, Wayside/Cuneiform, and Laser's Edge. Syn-Phonic has devoted its own releases to overlooked and obscure American progressive bands (mostly from the seventies). Laser's Edge has done that as well as doing the same for some Canadian bands, but has released an equal number of British and German/Swiss albums. Cuneiform has released the albums of the Canadian Miridor, the European Present, and a variety of other quirky independent-minded bands. But all also offer a wide catalog of imports. Shop among them and you'll be able to find anything I've reviewed here.

Doug Larson 62 Crane St. Caldwell NJ 07006 [website:] I've used Doug since he set up shop in the late 80's. He's fast, he's dependable, and his prices are competitive. His catalog is now on-line, lists albums by nationality, and is comprehensive. He remains my first choice.

Syn-Phonic P.O. Box 2034 La Habra CA 90631 [website:] Greg Walker's Syn-Phonic acts as both a mail-order sales and as a wholesale distributor of imports. The on-line catalog includes brief descriptions of some value.

Wayside Music P.O. Box 8427 Silver Spring MD 20907-8427 [website:] The catalog here is more idiosyncratic, broader-ranging, and filled with both the obscure and the latest.

Laser's Edge P.O.Box 2450 Cherry Hill NJ 08034-0199 [e-mail:] Ken Golden's catalog entries each have a paragraph or so of descriptive text, which can be useful but require that you understand his biases. (He liked Salamander's only album so much that he reissued it on his own label; it remains an embarrassment.) The catalog carries a number of items you'll not find elsewhere (including a back page or two of closeouts at reduced prices, always worth checking out), but service is slow; expect to wait a month for your order. (By contrast, Doug Larson gets your order to you in a few days -- less than a week.)


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