A listing of the fine artists that have played for SOAR along with some of the posters and photos from the shows.


2005     Cliff Art     Michael Manring     Might Could     Greg Howard

Cliff Art               mightcould

                                                      Cliff Art                                                                                           Might Could

2005     Encompass     Kurgan's Bane     Spiraling     Ephemeral Sun     Brave     John Battema     Spaceseed     Cindy Lee Rule      The Maximalists     Rattlemouth     Bellflur     Fast Eddie


4-23-05 flyer Encompass Kurgans BaneSpiraling 1 web    


                                  Bellflur 05                                                                                                         Bellflur                         

  Space Seed Hawkwind Alexandria webBattema2 web

                                                                                                                                               John Battema

SpaceSeedShow6 web Cindy Lee Rule

                       Spaceseed with Harvey Bainbridge                                                                                   Cindy-Lee Rule

2006      Might Could     Juan Profit Organization      Cassandra Syndrome      Ephemeral Sun      UZVA      Forever Einstein      Woodenhead      Rob Martino      Conduit

Might Could 06 web Martino 06 web

                                                  Might Could                                                                                                         Rob Martino

2007      Matt Winn      Brave      Phideaux      Bert Lams and Tom Griesgraber     Oblivion Sun     John Battema

Brave Phideaux Jammin Java web              Ephemeral Sun         

2008     Bellflur     Spiraling     Black Bonzo     Birds and Buildings      Conduit      Kinetic Element     Cliff Art      Ephemeral Sun     IZZ      House of Echo      Gary Rouzer     Circus of Saints      Rob Martino

Ted 08 Conduit 08


2009      Michael Manring      Origin Theory      Ephemeral Sun      Todesbonden      Cabezas de Cera    Karmakanic     Agents of Mercy     Sansyou     Conduit

2010     Circus of Saints     Rob Martino     Avant Folk (Macari-Sotelo Ensemble)     Brave     3RDegree     Ephemeral Sun     Shadow Circus     The Watch

ES Brave 3rd web

2011     Circus of Saints     Steam Theory     Tom Brislin     Woodenhead     John Battema w/ Blue Sasauge Infant     Ephemeral Sun     The Watch


2012     Stick Men     Iluvatar     Ephemeral Sun     Shadow Circus      Kabob-o-taj     Zero Mercury     Prophet Code

Stickmen web   Shadow Circus web

                                               Stickmen                                                                           Shadow Circus

Kabob-o-taj web


Prophet Code web

                                                               Prophet Code

2013  Jimmy Robinson and Brickstone     District 97 with special guest John Wetton

 D97  John Wetten

Photos of District 97 and John Wetton courtesy of Helaine Carson Burch


USTOUR2015 2wwwMed


Marbin  Sound Chaser show 4

                           Marbin                                                                                                   Sound Chaser